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13 May 2020 @ 01:37 pm

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Please do not even bother commenting if your jornal is one of the following:
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30 January 2018 @ 09:15 pm
The Concerts I've Been to in JapanCollapse )

Last updated 2015.02.17
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05 April 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Sanada and Nozawa's weekly NHK show started last week. Unfortunately I can't record it but I took some pictures of my TV screen with my cellphone. These are from the first two episodes.

In case people don't know, on their show they basically learn techniques to study. First they are all together on a set and everyone tries to answer a question, then they explain the technique the 3 chosen students trained with at home (they get mails with problems to solve and record themselves at home figuring out the problems for 3 days), and finally they all solve another problem together in the studio using the technique. They also have a panel of university students commenting on the technique and in what subjects/areas it could be useful in on VTR. It's pretty interesting actually! Also, when they show the VTR of them training at home we can actually see a little bit of their room/house and fashion at home. ^__^

Benbu episodes 1 and 2 - Very image heavyCollapse )
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20 October 2009 @ 09:08 pm
New Kisumai pictures at the Johnny's shop....they just released 172 pictures last week, so when I heard there was new photos again I thought there would only be maybe 50ish. But no...they released another 172 photos. O___o We don't get new Kisumai shop pictures for a year and then in the span of 2 weeks we get almost 350 new pictures?!?

Anyway, the breakdown this time:
Group/pairs - 16
Kitayama - 26
TaiP - 22
Yokoo - 21
Senga - 23
Nika - 21
Tama - 22
Miyata - 21

Seriously what is up with the totally wacky numbers? Why does Kita get 26 pictures? And Senga is included in all of them, so they must all still be from Oita/Kagoshima, unless they somehow magically were able to take pictures and get them printed in Kanazawa since I think the pictures showed up Sunday or Monday in the shop?

One of the papa shops also got their Kisumai pics in. I had already bought papa pics from one of the other shops, but this shop had some nice shots too, so I got some. I will try to scan in TaiP's papa pics later, but for now, have a pic of the epic Nika/Senga/Yokoo dance.Collapse )
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30 June 2009 @ 10:34 am
Because I was on a Sanada high from Tackey's cons on Sunday, I bought a bunch more pics of him! I was specifically on the hunt for him in a school uniform (could only find two though). I guess he goes to a different high school than the other MSM guys, cause there are a TON of pics of them all together in their school uniforms, and also of Nozawa in his school uniform (he goes to a different school than the others too).

And then I happened to find another pic of TaiP shirtless from Summary but one in which he actually isn't hiding his belly button (he usually covers up so you can't see his stomach). And then the gold mine SHIRTLESS TAIP AND SANADA NEXT TO EACH OTHER. <3 Oh, and then another shop had more papa pics from the last 2 KAT-TUN cons in Tokyo. Yay. I am still very confused why the papas took pics of the other MSM guys at the Jr. con but NO SANADA. And at the one shop which always has different pictures than the other shops, they had pics of two of the MSM guys but neither of them were Sanada or Nozawa. :-( Oh well, I ended up finding two Nozawa shop pics I didn't have in Nakano (I swear living 5 mins from Nakano is going to be dangerous for me).

Anyways, pics...Collapse )

Bethany's brain explodesCollapse )

a few Kisumai from the last KAT-TUN Dome consCollapse )
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08 June 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Shopping to get rid of stress (when you're stressed about financial stuff) is not a good idea! Well at least I didn't buy too much. >__<;;;

I would prefer that you don't repost, but if you do at least credit.

Sanada Yuma various papa picsCollapse )

Kis-My-Ft2 KAT-TUN Break the Records concert papa picsCollapse )

Okay, yes I know I'm completely going to hell for buying some of those Sanada pics but I was on a Sanada high after getting so much of his love during the Jr. con. ^^;; I love the Nika+Kita hug pics. I have no idea what was going on or why they were hugging but it's totally adorable. <3
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I went to see Enbujo today and decided to scan in the stage photos and original photos that I bought. Enjoy!

And sorry the scans aren't the best. I cleaned my scanner before scanning but it seems it was still a bit dusty. I also didn't take the stage photos out of the plastic they come in, so there might be weird glares.

Please do not repost

Fujigaya Taisuke stage photos original photosetCollapse )

Kitayama Hiromitsu stage photos original photosetCollapse )

Kawai Fumito stage photo original photosetCollapse )

Totsuka Shota photo original photosetCollapse )
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09 March 2009 @ 10:54 am
Kis-My-Ft2 will appear in Playzone 09! Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke and Tamamori Yuta will take the lead roles. This will be their first staring roles. The rest of Kis-My-Ft2 will also appear. Also appearing will be Uchi Hiroki, Yara Tomoyuki (MA), Ishigaki Daisuke (Question?), Yodogawa Yoshihiro (Question?) and others to be announced.

It will be held from July 11 to August 9th at Aoyama Theater in Tokyo and from August 21 to August 26th in Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka. Tickets will be 8,000yen for fanclub members.

(Info from Jr. fanclub mail and Sponichi)
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05 March 2009 @ 11:10 am
Here are some pictures from the Johnny's 2009-2010 school calendar. I apologize for the bad quality of the pics, but I had to take pictures of the book and calendar with my camera because it's impossible to scan (well, I'm not willing to rip apart the book to scan). Hopefully someone else will properly scan it later.

Please note:
-I only took pics of the boys who interested me, there are many more boys who were included in the book/calendar
-I kind of gave up towards the end, especially with the off-shots...too many small pics and too many boys
-Ugg, I had no idea so many of these pics turned out so blurry. >< Sorry, this was probably just a complete waste of my time.
-Feel free to link to this post but please do not repost the pics

Uekisa, Taiga, Sanada, Nozawa, Shoon
Hyakushiki boys - Shoon, TaiP, Takada, Tottsu, Sanada
EbiKisu + Kanju
Random Kanju
Off-shots (mainly EbiKisu + Kanju)

Random juniors that still deserve loveCollapse )

Hyakushiki boysCollapse )

Kis-My-Ft2Collapse )

A.B.C.-ZCollapse )

EbiKisuCollapse )

EbiKisu + KanjuCollapse )

B.A.D.Collapse )

BOYSCollapse )

VeteransCollapse )

Random KanjuCollapse )

Question?Collapse )

BudoukanCollapse )

Off-shotsCollapse )
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21 October 2008 @ 07:04 pm
I did a fairly large friends cut. I didn't pay too much attention to who I was cutting, I just looked at journals and if nothing that interested me had been posted recently, I cut you. If you would like to be added again comment here and I'll take another look at your journal.

I usually hate it when people make posts like this because it sounds really stuck up...I don't think my journal is great or interesting, I just don't have enough time to even skim past entries that I don't care about.

Also, I'll take this time to remind people at my LJ is friends only...I have over 200 people who have friended me but I only have about 80 people on my friends list. 99.9% of my entries are friends only, so if I haven't friended you back you can just go ahead and unfriend me because I'm not going to start posting publicly anytime soon.

To those who have requested I add them since July 2008, I'll look at your journals eventually, I've just been busy. Be aware though that if your journal is empty (you have never posted an entry) or if it is in a language other than English or Japanese I won't even consider friending you.
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07 November 2007 @ 08:18 pm
Earthquake. It's been awhile since there's been one. *knock on wood* It was small though.

New NEWS photos were released at the Johnny's shop today....preview of pics under cutCollapse )

As of 8:48pm Japan time I added every pic I could find on the auctions so far, mostly Pi and Ryo. WHY NO SHIGE?!?! ;_________________;

Debated but going to make this entry public and link to it on the NEWS community.
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14 December 2006 @ 07:02 pm
I figure I will ask even though I know no one will respond. But...if anyone would like a Japanese-y Christmas card or a New Year's card (or both) please let me know! You can...umm....e-mail me your address I guess ( My New Year's cards are really cute!! They're hand-made and I spent a lot of money and time on them. ^__^ The Christmas cards are bought but are cute. Anyone can request one so please feel free to send me your address (and of course I'd love to get cards in return, so if you want my address ask me and I'll send it to you) ^__^
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27 August 2006 @ 03:03 pm
Watching 24 Hours, it is really depressing. I hadn't realized that it was all about charity before I started watching, but the stories they are talking about makes me realize how lucky I am. I really hope the fangirls who are watching this donate money and aren't just watching for KAT-TUN...I know after watching this I will definitely be going to the Jusco to donate money (they are one of the sponsors of this thing and have donation boxes). Even for those people who are downloading the show and don't live in Japan....I really hope they still donate. There are charities all over the world that need help, it doesn't necessarily have to be to the charity that 24 Hours TV is about, but at least keep the purpose of this show in mind when watching and try to do what you can to help.

Wow, the story they are talking about how is really far I have seen several of the KAT-TUN boys cry over these stories.
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22 August 2006 @ 07:21 pm
Grr...I read in a Japanese fan's blog that there was an incident at Sendai station after the w-inds. concert on the 16th. >__< Apparently many fans went to the station because they knew w-inds. would take the shinkansen back to Tokyo, and they caused a large disturbance. As far as I can understand, a guy and a kid were knocked down or something by the fangirls and Ryohei bowed in apology to them. Fans caused a disturbance on the shinkansen too...poor w-inds., I'm sure they just wanted to rest after the concert but they had to deal with this kind of behavior. This kind of think really makes me angry, especially since a similar thing just happened to Arashi on the shinkansen from Nagano to Tokyo. Why can't fans be more respectful? Yeah, these guys are our idols, but they are people too...after they work hard to put on such a good performance they deserve to be able to take the train home without having to deal with crazy fans. It especially upsets me that this happened in Sendai, and I hope this doesn't affect w-inds. decision to come back to Sendai again. ;__; I think most of the fans at the Sendai concerts weren't actually from Sendai...most were fans who followed them from city to city, and while some of those fans really are just nice fans (like those who befriended me at the first concert, they were really nice and helpful to other fans and even gave people their light sticks who didn't have any) some of the fans who follow w-inds. around are the crazy bad type. >__<

I kind of wish there was some way for groups to set aside a certain number of tickets for people who live in the cities they perform in...soooo many of the people at the Sendai concert were from Tokyo, and it is getting to the point where people who come to the smaller venus from other cities buy up all the tickets and those people who live nearby aren't able to get any. I know it's impossible to set aside tickets like that, but it would be nice. I guess this is especially annoying me now cause I wasn't able to get a ticket for the Kanjani8 concert in Sendai, and I can't get one on the auctions cause they are soooo expensive....seriously, these fangirls are crazy!! And it is annoying how every ticket being sold the people are from Tokyo or some other large city not near Sendai...grrrr.......there are fans in Sendai who want to go, who live 10 minutes from the venue who can't get a ticket!!! Yet there are those people who live 2 hours away by shinkansen who have tickets! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I guess I will try to see how much the tickets are being sold for by the scalpers the day of the concerts....they will probably be way too expensive though. At least I will go and buy goods, even if I can't go into the concert. I will hope though, but because I am foreign they will probably especially try to take advantage of me and raise the price. >__________________________
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07 August 2006 @ 01:17 pm
I didn't want to clean my apartment, so I decided to take pics of the NEWS pics in the new Johnny's mags I picked up while shopping, lol. Sorry they are such crappy quality, but I took them with my digital camera because I don't have a scanner. ;__; Maybe after I get my first paycheck and finish buying stuff for my apartment I'll be able to get one...though it's not likely cause I am trying to buy tickets to several concerts in my city (Kanjani8, Orange Range), and I already have tickets for w-inds. which equals a lot of money being spend on concert goods. ^^;; Living in Japan is killing my budgeting skills.

NEWS pics!!Collapse )

Umm...I missed some YamaP pics cause he is in the mags soooo much, and also decided not to do Ryo's pics. I'm sure someone will put up actual scans of these pics soon, but they were too cute that I wanted to share now. ^__^
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06 August 2006 @ 03:33 pm

Before I was still sort of skeptical about Kusano coming back to NEWS and Uchi coming back to NEWS and Kanjani8, but now I am convinced they will be coming back.

I was surfing through j-web (Johnny's site only available on Japanese cell phones) and noticed that both Kusano and Uchi are still listed as members, and even Uchi's diary entries are still accessible on the Kanjani8 page. On both of their profile pages it lists things they did right up until they went under their punishment periods. I dunno, I feel that if they weren't going to come back that the staff members would have deleted their info from the j-web already. I dunno if it really does mean anything, but I was happy to find that they are both still listed there. ^__^

The "official" things of JE:
Johnny's Shops >> photos listed separately by each member, no mention of NEWS
Magazines >> each member is separate
J-web (cell phone site) >> listed as NEWS, all members listed under profile
Johnny's Entertainment site ( >> listed as NEWS, only 6 current members listed under profile
Johnny's Net ( >> listed as NEWS, all members listed under profile

Interesting how there is no consistent way of how they deal with the suspension. I still think Uchi will come back, most likely at the Kanjani8 concert on his birthday that is being held in Sendai, which means I must go because...I live in Sendai!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I'm impatiently waiting for my You+J fanclub stuff to arrive so I can get tickets!!!
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11 May 2006 @ 07:49 pm
This is just a quick post to let people know that I'll be in hiatus until June 1.  ^__^  I'm graduating  from university on May 14 and the next couple of days will be insanely busy, so I 
want to post this now so I don't forget.  The day after I graduate I leave for a two week trip to China.  I'll be traveling all around the country.  ^__^  I'll be back June 1 with lots of crazy stories to tell, I'm sure.  For now I'm off to watch Survivor with my friends and then go to the bar to have "Bomber Night."  

Congrats to all of the other university (and high school) seniors who are graduating!  

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12 January 2006 @ 11:08 pm
I'll finally make my "report" on the NEWS+Ryo concerts I went to while in I'll probably end up babbling on about other things as well. ^^;; I wanted to put this up much earlier, but I got distracted by watching Hana Yori Dango...and I'm just generally lazy and easily distracted.

Well, since I imagine most people have the mp3 of the entire concert already most of what I'll write probably won't be interesting, but I wanted to write it up anyways. Though listening to the mp3 definitely cannot compare to seeing them was worth all of the expense, lack of sleep, and braving of cold temperatures to see them! ^__^

Oh and a note….I wrote the notes from each concert just cause I wanted to record some memories, so I wasn’t aiming to remember everything…so if somethings are wrong I’m sorry but it was crazy and I was focused on the guys. ^__^ Also I have no idea what all of the songs they sang were cause I’m horrible with song names, but there’s the mp3 of the NEWS concert already and for the Ryo concert well…I dunno, maybe some Japanese fan wrote the song names somewhere. ^^;;

A HAPPY NEWS YEAR 2006 concerts 1.4 at noon and 1.5 at 6pmCollapse )

錦戸 亮 First LIVE 1.5 10:30Collapse )

Buying GOODS at the concertsCollapse )

Johnny's Shop experienceCollapse )

Okay, that was really long…will anyone actually read it all??? ^^;;;; I bought an extra copy of the NEWS concert pamphlet and I’m planning on scanning it in once I go back to my university in a few days. ^__^
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